R&D and production of the most cutting-edge biotechnology products to repair and upgrade human cells and provide them with balanced nutrition to achieve the best health of the body for anti-aging and curing diseases.


Anti Aging GPS Limited was established in 1988. Over the past 30 years, in the development and changes of the world economy, it has grown from a single international trading company to a Hong Kong operation and management center with biotechnology as the main body, conducting research and development in Australia, Germany, and South Korea.  And the production of cutting-edge biotechnology products and cell culture technology for anti-aging cell repair and nutrition. At present the products independently developed and produced by the company have the following brands:


  • Germany: Malida – obtained the European Union, Germany EC Listing Certificate。 

  • Australia : AAA Brand – obtained the Australian TGA Certificate. 

  • South Korea: EHLBio – obtained CPC Certification from the Ministry of Health and Walfare of Japan.

Anti Aging GPS Limited has always played the role of navigation, insisting on leading the combination of the world’s cutting-edge biotechnology and biomedicine, introducing world-class products and technologies into the huge potential market led by China in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling hundreds of millions of people to anti-aging and cure the disease-restore youthfulness during illness and achieve a high-quality and healthy life.