Malida Reisflocken 馬力達 膳食營養補充劑藥

Size: 360g
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Malida Reisflocken

Product nameMalida Reisflocken

Country of Origin : Germany 🇩🇪

Ingredients: Premium Italian Paddy Rice


MALIDA Reisflocken

MALIDA Reisflocken is a German cutting-edge independent patented product. It uses rice protein peptides as raw material to obtain small molecular peptides through targeted enzymatic hydrolysis and specific small peptide separation technology. It does not require digestion and is directly absorbed in the proximal small intestine. Contains richer trace elements.

The company’s German R&D team, led by “Dr. Peptide” Klaus Hoehnel, developed MALIDA Reisflocken that is suitable for sub-healthy, weakened immune system and cancer patients.

Special Feature

Featured Italy Piedmont (Piedmont) Po River Basin is a world-renowned precious green planting area. The water quality of the paddy field is delicate, soft, slightly alkaline, and the Alp Mountains are irrigated with snow water with a balanced and rich content of trace elements

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